Happiness City Project

Has Kota seemed to you like an all-study and no-play place ? We have a lot of surprises for you with the Happiness City Project, sure thing you'll have to study, but you'll be having fun like never before.

Mood Positive

Organizing powerful, inspiring talks every month. These talks shall be conducted by stalwarts of different fields followed by engaging activities for the participants.


TiE sessions are designed to help students understand themselves and increase their emotional quotient, thus improving their mental well-being.

ABCD (Any Body can draw)

ABCD conducted by professor Pravin Mishra from MICA.
In this session students are asked to start drawing 
(a long lost childhood pleasure).

"What really turned me over was the selection of events and how everything is so systematically included in the calendar, that it doesn't wastes a single day of student."
Rohit Gupta
Kota District Collector

Dive into some unlimited-fun events

Stand-up Comedy

Your Favourites, Zakir, BB and even Deadpool, haha, will be with you and you may get a seflie too 😛 all above said things are comedy, though!

Music Exploration

Dive into the art of connecting with the soul, learn music, meet new musicians from all walks of life !

Happy Street

Come out on streets and lets socialize, dance, sing, paint, cycle and laugh with other students, say, it's going to be big street party

Community building

Connect with other students, make friends, discuss about life and studies too. Good friends are hard to find, but easy to make !

Happiness Project

There is no way to happiness - happiness is the way.